Fontes Consultadas – 101 Crimes Notórios e Horripilantes de 2017

Police: Mother strangled her daughters before burning apartment – Times of Israel; Murder-suicide suspected in fatal Jerusalem fire – Times of Israel;  5 dead in Jerusalem apartment...

[1] Police: Mother strangled her daughters before burning apartment – Times of Israel; [2] Murder-suicide suspected in fatal Jerusalem fire – Times of Israel; [3] 5 dead in Jerusalem apartment fire – Times of Israel; [4] 50-year-old man drugs, kills 10 family members in Amethi, commits suicide – Hindustan Times; [5] Amethi murders: Did Jamaludeen murder his 10 family members? Or is he a victim of a bigger conspiracy – inUth; [6] Burundi arrests six people over minister’s killing – Africa News; [7] Burundi arrests six people over minister’s killing – Agence France Presse; [8] Harikatha exponent turns serial killer – The Hindu; [9] Ludhiana’s ‘cannibal’ teen was inspired by TV shows: Police – Hindu Times; [10] Ludhiana murder: Police say teen killed 9-year-old boy, drank his blood, ate his flesh – Hindu Times; [11] Five students brutally murdered in Liberia – Tico Times; [12] Slaughter of five students in Liberia was likely done by one suspect, says OIJ director – Tico Times; [13] Sospechoso de masacre en Costa Rica tenía deseos “pasionales y sexuales” – El Nuevo Diario; [14] En Toro Toro queman a un adolescente de 16 años – El País; [15] Horrific child abuse as mom beats son for dropping an egg – Rolling Out; [16] EXCLUSIVE: Bronx man who beheaded his mom is father of fatally beaten 4-year-old boy – New York Daily News; [17] Drug addict beheaded boy, ate his flesh after failed molestation bid, say police – Hindu Times; [18] Drug addict beheads 7-year-old boy, eats his flesh in UP’s Pilibhit – Hindu Times; [19] SLAUGHTERHOUSE: Boys lured by family members and mutilated – Dipatch Live; [20] Four-year-old boy’s cannibal uncle skinned him, drank his blood and ate his HEART in horrific witchcraft ritual – Daily Mail; [21] Serial killer reveals how he murdered his four victims at marijuana farm and crushed one with a digger – Daily Record; [22] Search in Pennsylvania for 4 Missing Men Focuses on a Vast Farm – New York Times; [23] ‘She was demonized’: Nicaraguan woman dies after being thrown into fire in exorcism ritual – The Washington Post; [24] Fanáticos queman a mujer nicaragüense en la hoguera por una “revelación divina” – Telemundo; [25] Unapologetic ‘Murder Babes’ are instant celebrities in Thailand – The New York Post; [26] Thai cam girl ‘who sawed a female karaoke bar worker in half after she told cops about drug dealer boyfriend’ laughs after arrest – The Sun; [27] Father killed his wife, kids because they were ‘Amalekites‘ – Times of Israel; [28] Police grasp for motive after man kills his sons and wife – Times of Israel; [29] New Details Released in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting That Killed 5 – ABC News; [30] Corpo de Loalwa Braz é liberado para enterro quase 2 meses após ser morta – G1; [31] Presos pela morte de Loalwa Braz chegam a presídio em Bangu, no RJ – G1; [32] MS-13 members threatened to cut off teen’s fingers and burn her, prosecutors say. Then she was killed – The Washington Post; [33] Gang killers recorded a teen’s final moments. The video helped convict one of them – The Washington Post; [34] Unika bilder – se Kim Wall på reportageresa – svt NYHETER; [35] Police have found the severed head of Kim Wall, the Swedish journalist who died on a homemade submarine – Business Insider; [36] Danish police probe possible link between Kim Wall killing and 1986 cold case – The Telegraph; [37] Serial killer who murdered 19 Christians in Kogi finally liquidated – Naija; [38] How Notorious Armed Robber “Lukman Issah, a.k.a Commander” Was Killed In Kogi State – Vivian Gist; [39] L’esquarterador de Russafa va escriure novel·les de crims amb un altre assassí en una presó sueca – Valéncia Diari; [40] Double murderer may have been inspired by his own crime novel, say Spain police – The Telegraph; [41] Spanish crime novelist who killed two people and cut up body ‘was acting out own murder plot’ – Evening Standard; [42] SUSPECTED AMSTERDAM SERIAL KILLER ATTEMPTS SUICIDE IN CELL – NL Times; [43] AMSTERDAM MAN ARRESTED FOR INVOLVEMENT IN LOCAL WOMAN’S DISAPPEARANCE – NL Times; [44] ‘Seriemoordenaar’ Sjonny W. verdacht van moord Monique (26) in 2003 – rtlnieuws; [45] Is Sjonny W. een seriemoordenaar? – EenVandaag; [46] Katie Rough death: Teen detained for life for killing – BBC News; [47] Tampa killings suspect faces 4 counts of murder – CNN; [48] ‘Just Why? Why?’ Parents of Suspected Serial Killer Say They Are ‘Devastated’ – Time; [49] McDonald’s worker to get all $110,000 in Seminole Heights reward money – Tampa Bay; [50] Los Mossos confirman que el imam de Ripoll murió mientras manipulaba explosivos – El Mundo; [51] Spain attack: What do we know about the victims? – BBC News; [52] Spain attacks: These were the victims who died in Thursday’s terror outrage in Barcelona and Cambrils – The Independent; [53] 10 minors raped, killed in six months in Kasur city – Dawn; [54] Mystery murders of Ugandan women: riot police arrests protesters – Africa News; [55] Uganda’s unsolved murders: body of 21st woman found – Africa News; [56] Bald people targets of ritual killings in Mozambique, police warns – Africa News; [57] Tanzania ‘witch killings’ claimed 479 lives from January – June 2017: report – Africa News; [58] Tanzania charges 32 people with killing, burning five ‘witches’ – Africa News; [59] Witchdoctor, two others arrested over human sacrifice – Daily Monitor; [60] 4 BUSINESSMEN ARRESTED FOR SACRIFICING GAL AND TAKING HER PRIVATE PARTS, LEGS AND FINGERS – The GrapeVine; [61] Justiça antecipa audiência sobre morte e estupro do menino Kauan – Correio do Estado; [62] Kauan foi estuprado por professor e adolescentes e esquartejado duas vezes, diz polícia de MS – G1; [63] Garotos relatam à polícia necrofilia e esquartejamento do menino Kauan – Campo Grande News; [64] Menino Kauan foi estuprado depois de morto e esquartejado duas vezes – Correio do Estado; [65] Professor suspeito de matar Kauan comprou local do crime em 2013 – Campo Grande News; [66] Andalucia teen facing 8 years for ‘burning two 12-year-old girls and man’ to death ‘over €4 debt’ – The Oliver Press; [67] Una discusión por una deuda de cuatro euros acabó con el incendio mortal de la cueva de Almería – El Mundo; [68] Crimen de Fernanda Pereyra: acusan de aborto a los acusados – El Periódico de Rincón; [69] Young mother was ‘raped, killed and eaten by cannibal ring’ suspected of multiple murders – The Mirror; [70] Woman, 25, believed to be the victim of cannibals in South Africa who were arrested after one of them walked into a police station holding an arm and a leg and said he had lost the taste for human flesh – Daily Mail; [71] Alleged cannibals to appear in KZN court – IOL News; [72] Malawi vigilante arrests rise to 200 in vampire scare – Reuters; [73] Malawi arrests 140 in clampdown after ‘vampirism’ killings – Reuters; [74] Vigilante ‘Vampire-Hunters’ Have Killed Five People in Malawi – Time; [75] Africa: ‘A Symbolic Representation of Life’ – Behind Malawi’s Blood-Sucking Beliefs – All Africa; [76] Malawi: Five Offered Bail in Chikwawa Lodge Bloodsucker Fracas – All Africa; [77] Govt-backed DR Congo militia shot babies, hacked toddlers: UN – Daily Mail; [78] Worst attack on UN in recent history kills 15 peacekeepers in DR Congo – ABS CBN News; [79] ‘They accused me of killing and eating my grandmother’: Agony of Congo’s 50,000 ‘child witches’ who are brutally exorcised to ‘beat the devil out of them’ – Daily Mail; [80] Ex-girlfriend of Plano shooter Spencer Hight: ‘If I stayed he would have killed me’ – WFAA; [81] Texas Woman Killed by Estranged Husband at Football Party Asked in Final Moments, ‘Did You Really Have to Do This?’ – People; [82] Documents detail police findings after mass shooting in Plano – CBS News; [83] Sobreviventes de massacre em Manaus foram torturados e tiveram de comer olhos humanos – Estadão; [84] Polícia indicia 210 detentos por massacre em presídio do AM; chacota do PCC foi estopim – Uol; [85] Vítimas do massacre no Compaj foram forçadas a comer olho humano – A Crítica; [86] ‘Cannibal couple’ in Russia admitted killing 30 – reports – BBC News; [87] CONSUMED BY JEALOUSY Russian ‘cannibal couple’ embrace in sick picture as it’s claimed pickled remains in jar were of woman ‘killed in jealous rage’ – The Sun; [88] ‘Cannibal couple’ who murdered and ate 30 people in Russia also had CAT and DOG meat stored in their fridge, forensic tests reveal – Daily Mail; [89] следователи подтвердили версию убийства из-за ревности – Cuban; [90] Texts Show Teens Had ‘Everything Planned Out’ to Murder Trans Girl – The Daily Beast; [91] Norbert Feher, el ladrón del pañuelo ninja que se convirtió en un fantasma – El Mundo; [92] Las familias de las víctimas italianas de ‘Igor el ruso’: “Esperamos que por fin se pueda hacer justicia” – El Mundo; [93] Serbian ‘Rambo’ who ‘killed two men before going on the run and living off the land in Italy’ is arrested for shooting dead three people in two incidents in Spain – Daily Mail; [94] Son is accused of murdering elderly mother by dousing her in petrol and setting her on fire in brutal Kilmarnock assault – The Scottish Sun; [95] ‘DIE, DIE’ Kilmarnock monster found GUILTY of dousing mum in petrol and burning her alive – The Scottish Sun; [96] Police Arrest Man With Human Head In Ekiti – Information Nigeria; [97] Two brothers caught with fresh human head‎ in Ekiti – Daily Post; [98] I cut my wife into pieces to save myself – Suspected ritualist – Daily Post; [99] Driver arrested for killing wife, cutting body into pieces – Pulse; [100] Who is Quebec mosque attack suspect Alexandre Bissonnette? – BBC News; [101] Allison Hanes: When terror is not terrorism – Montreal Gazette; [102] Man detained for reportedly stabbing his sister to death in year’s first ‘honour crime’ – The Jordan Times; [103] Man Kills Wife, Daughters, Child Barely Alive, Anonymous House Arson – Alghad; [104] Garaa News; [105] How to End ‘Honor’ Killings in Jordan – Human Rights Watch; [104] Teen couple electrocuted in Pakistan ‘honor killing’ – Fox News; [105] The man who ordered the electrocution of a teenage couple – Geo TV; [106] Pakistan ‘honour killing’: Karachi teen lovers ‘were electrocuted’ – BBC News; [107] TOY BOY CANNIBAL Vampire killer, 21, hacks his girlfriend, 45, into pieces, fries her brain and drinks her blood – The Sun; [108] ‘Cannibal’ toy boy, 21, accused of murdering 45-year-old lover before eating her brains and drinking her blood – Mirror; [109] Maëlys, un mois après : qui est le principal suspect – Le Parisien; [110] Lebanon’s slaves, Lebanon’s shame – Human Rights Watch; [111] The 200,000 Syrian child refugees forced into slave labour in Lebanon – Nena News; [112] In Lebanon, a rape and murder galvanize anti-Syrian fervor – Los Angeles Times; [113] ‘All Lebanon is against them’: A rape-murder sours a country on its Syrian refugees – Sofrep News; [114] African refugees bought, sold and murdered in Libya – Al Jazeera; [115] Slave auctions in Libya caught on camera – CNN; [116] NIGERIAN SLAVES HAVE ORGANS HARVESTED, BODIES MUTILATED AND ARE SET ON FIRE, HORRIFYING PICTURES CLAIM – Newsweek; [117] MASSACRE OF THE INNOCENTS ISIS thugs execute and chop up dozens of women and kids amid fears the terror group is plotting new wave of atrocities – The Sun; [118] Isis suicide attack: more than 80 killed in southern Iraq – The Guardian; [119] ISIS News: Heartless ISIS Fighters Hack Limbs Off Women and Children in Latest Massacre – The Christian Post; [120] Chennai engineer burnt alive at home by alleged stalker – Hindustan Times; [121] Karnataka: Pregnant Muslim woman burnt alive for marrying Dalit man – The Indian Express; [122] Karnataka: 21-Yr-Old Pregnant Woman Burnt Alive For Marrying Man Of Other Religion – The Logical Indian; [123] Raped and executed in public: a Congolese militia’s reign of terror – France 24; [124] 武汉面馆老板遭食客砍头 疑犯患有精神病曾将父亲打伤 – JX People; [125] ОСТАНКИ ТЕЛА РУСЛАНА КОРОЛЕВА УБИЙЦА СПРЯТАЛ У ПРУДА И РЫНКА В ПЕТЕРБУРГЕ – 47 Channel; [126] Vampire Serial-Killer Charged With More Murders in Caribbean – Telesur; [127] More charges pending – The Daily Observer; [128] Police Seek Delano Forbes In Death Of Swetes Man – Antigua News Room; [129] Assassino em série confessa crimes cometidos – Jornal de Angola; [130] Angola: “corta cabeça” condenado a 30 anos de prisão – TVI 24; [131] Assassinos de pessoas albinas voltam a fazer vítima em Tete – Diario de Moçambique; [132] St Petersburg attack: Who were the victims? – BBC News; [133] Suspect involved in St. Petersburg subway terror attack sentenced to 5 years in jail – Tass; [134] Homem preso no RJ é suspeito de matar adolescentes no Sul de MG – G1; [135] Affaire Troadec. La police judiciaire fouille la ferme de Pont-de-Buis – Ouest France; [136] Affaire Troadec : «Cet or a brisé notre famille» – Le Parisien; [137] Affaire Troadec : le récit d’un massacre – Le Parisien; [138] Lydie Troadec, compagne d’Hubert Caouissin, est sortie de prison – Le Parisien; [139] Suspected ritual killers hack family to death in Ikorodu – Pulse Nigeria; [140] Deadly cult gang kill 3 inside Ikorodu church – Pulse Nigeria; [141] Deadly cult gang invade Lagos church, kills mother, children – Pulse Nigeria; [142] 10 things to know about Badoo, the ritual cult terrorising Ikorodu residents – International Centre for Investigative Reporting; [143] Ucigaşa de la metroul din Bucureşti are profilul unui criminal în serie. Cum şi-a ales victimele – Publika; [144] Detalii noi în cazul crimei de la metrou. Magdalena Şerban a fost dusă la expertiza psihiatrică. Când se va încheia aceasta și de ce este vitală în anchetă – Observator; [145] Three women are dead. Two others have vanished – News Australia; [146] Lumberton police ID 3rd woman found dead in same neighborhood – CBS North Carolina; [147] Is Cynthia Jacob’s disappearance connected to others missing from Lumberton? – Missing Persons of America; [148] Herne child murder case: What we know and don’t know – The Local; [149] Marcel-Heße-Prozess: Mutter des Doppelmörders verweigert die Aussage – Der Westen; [150] MP denuncia 3 por morte de jovem em carona combinada no WhatsApp – Veja; [151] Acusado de matar jovem durante carona é agredido na cadeia – Veja; [152] Jovem que ofereceu carona foi estrangulada com corda, aponta laudo – Correio Braziliense;

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